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Website is a term that is still used but it should be followed by system. Today, just having a site full of pages does not draw people or keep them coming back. Interactive is the key, and System is a term that emphasized correct terms for professional presence is Application System

  • Automotive Management System
  • Blogging and Commenting System
  • Classifieds, job boards, directories and dating sites
  • Client Portal System
  • Communication and File sharing System
  • Content Management Systems (CMS; WordPress and Joomla primarily)
  • Custom E-commerce Management System
  • Custom Site Portal System
  • Customer Billing and Invoice Manager
  • Database Driven - Feedback Form
  • Directory and Repository Systems
  • Event registration and Management System
  • Legal and Medical Management System
  • Member registration and Management Systems
  • Menu and Ordering System
  • Multi-Media integration and Management System
  • Photo/Image slideshow and/or gallery
  • Polls/Surveys System
  • Real estate Management System
  • Site Map and/or Search System
  • Staff/Employee Portal System
  • Testimonial/Referral System 

The importance of Data

One key component to establishing and successful online presence is data processing.
Data processing involves the ability to effectively integrate a system to, compile, store and extract information. The process includes but not limited to; sending information for display on your web pages, accessing data stored on databases while maintaining security of a network and/or website.
• Database Design and Management
• Automated Tracking & Reporting
• SSL 


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