Maintenance Plans

Perfect for anyone that wants to keep visitors coming back.
Up to date and constantly changing Content is a visitor magnet… 

We know that hiring, training and retraining someone to help manage a website can be costly.
Rather you need occasional or frequent updates, we will come up with an affordable maintenance plan that works for you.  

Allowable maintenance tasks are limited to existing pages (2 per request) and applications (1 per request); and are as follows;

Existing Pages
  • Unlimited text revisions
  • Section changes
  • Complete removal of images
  • Validating and updating internal or external hyperlink 
Existing Applications
  • Unlimited text revisions
  • Adding and removing content or items
  • Adding New, modifying, and/or correcting internal and external hyperlinks 

The Standard Plan
Standard Plan provides Monthly Maintenance Service to existing pages and applications for a maximum of 30 Minutes a month. 

The Deluxe Plan
Deluxe Plan provides Weekly Maintenance Service to existing pages and applications for a maximum of 30 Minutes a week.  

The turnaround time for maintenance is generally 5 business working days from the date of the maintenance requested depending on the complexity of the request.

Note: maintenance does not include setting up email accounts, mailing lists, adding or redesigning a web page, , programming, application development, database work, graphic design, or consulting services; nor does it extend to repairs, associated with installations development or designs services not originally completed by TBBS.

Premium Plan

Cost-effective solution

Places priority web site support at YOUR Fingertips…
It provide 60 minutes weekly that includes all the allowable maintenance tasks within the Standard and Deluxe plans but it is not limited to existing pages and applications.  

All work performed has a 24 hour turn around, and if turnaround time appears to take longer client will be notified immediately and given an expected time of completion.

  • Adding New Pages /Removing Pages
  • Change/Edit Existing Page Content /sentence, paragraph, graphics
  • Correcting or adjusting page content structure /sentence, paragraph, graphics
  • Adding – editing and removing menu items
  • Updates to calendar or events
  • Updating and adding frequently asked questions
  • Add breaking news or upcoming events
  • Update announcements, articles, etc.
  • Adding New internal and external hyperlinks
  • Adding or modifying a product /service, text, artwork, graphic, icon, image and/or picture, E-commerce sites only
  • Adding or modifying a product or service page, E-commerce sites only 

*Other Maintenance Plans Available Upon Request*


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